Mad Wonders



A Sociology of Sneakers


I see sneakers as an art form. They are sculptures, fully functional; the product of a harmonized effort, a concert of collaborations, and the commingling of artistries between innovators and designers, engineers and makers, marketers and influencers, retailers and consumers. They are vessels that can tell a story, evoke emotion, carry a moment in history, even influence culture. From end to end, all of such, imbued in a left and right shoe, a pair of sneakers, a work of art.

The phenomenon of such an art form brought to life a thriving culture. A culture that has developed its own history, language, behavior, and influences. A boldly dynamic, intricately intertwined mixture of worlds, ranging from the genres of sports, music, art, fashion, and business. A culture that has reached across the world with open arms, bringing people together, regardless of age, gender, race, class, belief, to one common ground - the love for sneakers. That is a mad wonder.

Mad Wonders is a platform to recognize that sneakers are an art form, and the culture is a phenomenon. It is a creative endeavor that strives to express the love and appreciation that we all share. It is an ode and a tribute for the sneaker lover that is inside all of us.

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