Premium vs Matte Paper


Premium vs Matte Paper


Paper comparison between Moab Entrada 190 and Enhanced Matte



One of the most important differences to consider between the Moab Entrada Rag (Premium) paper and the Enhanced Matte paper is their longevity.

The Moab Entrada Rag is acid- and lignin-free, made with 100% cotton. It fulfills the archival museum grade standard that is made for permanence and durability. If you are looking to have long-term preservation (about 100 years) for your artwork, the Moab Entrada Rag paper is your best option.

Although the Enhanced Matte is an exceptional professional-grade paper, it does not fulfill the archival museum grade standard and can not claim to possess the same permanence and durability as the Moab Entrada Rag. If long-term preservation is not too much of a concern, then the Enhanced Matte Paper is your better option.

The ink used on ALL artwork (premium and matte) are archival pigment-based, made to keep its brilliance without dulling or fading. The archival pigment-based ink has a print life of up to 200+ years.


An up close comparison between enhanced matte and moab entrada rag bright white papersPREMIUM | MOAB ENTRADA RAG (LEFT SIDE)VS MATTE | ENHANCED MATTE (RIGHT SIDE) | DIFFERENCE IN TEXTURE


A edge to edge comparison between the Moab Entrada Rag 190 and Enhanced Matte PaperPREMIUM | MOAB ENTRADA RAG (BOTTOM LAYER)VS MATTE | ENHANCED MATTE (TOP LAYER) | EDGE TO EDGE COMPARISON



The Moab Entrada Rag paper is soft and smooth and is almost cloth-like due to its 100% cotton pulp composition. It has a soft-toothed texture and is slightly thicker than the Enhanced Matte.

The Enhanced Matte has a very smooth and uniform surface, having almost no texture. Although it is slightly thinner, the Enhanced Matte paper has a denser body and is more rigid compared to the Moab Entrada Rag.


A split comparison between the Moab Entrada Rag and Enhanced Matte PapersPREMIUM | MOAB ENTRADA RAG (TOP LEFT SIDE)VS MATTE | ENHANCED MATTE (BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE) | SPLIT COMPARISON



Both Moab Entrada Rag and Enhanced Matte papers yield a high expanded gamut of colors. Brilliance and vibrancy are at its best when coupled with the Adobe RGB color spaced print. Both yield high saturations of color and maintain beautiful highlights and shadows.

The difference between the Moab Entrada Rag and Enhanced Matte would be in the subtle brightness of the papers. As you can see in the split comparison sample image, the Moab Entrada Rag possesses a brighter white base. The difference in vibrancy and brilliance is subtle; however, the Moab Entrada Rag is able to achieve a little bit more due to its brighter base.



If your interests are in the quality, subtleties, and longevity of the artwork, then the Premium Moab Entrada Rag Paper is your best bet.

If you are not too concerned about the details and long-term preservation of the artwork, then the Enhanced Matte is a better choice.

Both papers perform beautifully with the artwork and use the high-quality archival pigment-based ink, achieving an expanded spectrum of colors. There is not a significant difference in appearance, rather in the subtle details and the matters of content and preservation.